Thursday , June 8 2023
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Homeless elderly man dies in fire in abandoned building

An elderly homeless man found a tragic death in a fire in an abandoned building where he had his saw mill years ago.

The 70-year-old man was living inside the building and was receiving a poverty allowance of 100 euros, neighbors who supplied him also with food told media.

The man was found during the firefighting operation in Nikaia suburb of Piraeus in early Monday morning.

“A neigbor tried to enter the building when the fire broke out, he broke the wooden door, but there was nothing he could do as the roof had collapse,” a businessman in the area told media.

The man is the last victim on the list of people who died in the last couple of weeks while they were trying to heat.

Beginning of the month, a couple from Pakistan died in their home in Metaxourgeio, most likely form the fumes of a gas heater.

A 63-year-old woman was found died in her home on the island of Corfu. The autopsy showed that she had died of cold.

A few days earlier, a four-year-old girl found a tragic death in a shack in a Roma settlement in Komotini, when a fire broke out, while the family was sleeping. The fire was caused by a heater.

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