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Russia to recognize Turkish-occupied Cyprus, trading a military base in Karpasia

Russia plans to diplomatically recognize the Turkish-occupied Cyprus trading a base in the area of the East Mediterranean Sea, Turkish nationalist newspaper Sozcu claims.

According to the report, President Vladimir Putin is ready to recognize the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.” In return Turkey will offer cooperation in the eastern Mediterranean and even recognize the Caucasus Republic of Abkhazia.

“President Erdogan may even grant Russia a base in the occupied Cyprus so that it can have control in the area and have control over the nuclear power plant in Akkuyu, Sozcu claims.

The daily has been citing a former director of Homeland Security of Turkish General Staff, Unal Atabay.

According to the former defense official, says “in order to lift the barriers in Syria and to co-operate in the Mediterranean, Russia plans to recognize the so-called TRNC. Similarly, Turkey may recognize Abkhazia.

he argued that Turkey may grant Russia a military base in the occupied Cyprus as well provide a logistical base in the Karpasia peninsula. Moscow could use it to rebuild Syria, Atabay reportedly said..

It will not be the first time Russia has requested a base in Turkey, however, Ankara has rejected such requests.

The north of Cyprus has been under Turkish occupation since 1974. the so-called TRNC has been diplomatically recognized so far only by Turkey.

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  1. …i am sorry you have taken to repeating propaganda fluff. Here is a good example of “Fake News”

    …if i may remind you, very little is left of the Turkish Press, there is no point in celebrating what is left as truth.

    …while reports of a submarine base is plausible, because it follows Erdogan’s own efforts at building Naval capacity, not just Industrially but in its domain. (We see drones in Cyprus based on the same premise). This is plausible, and possible.

    But this, that Putin would risk WWIII, in Cyprus, is as far fetched, as it is, for those ”Turkish”, wishful thinking.