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“Turkey in talks with Italy over drilling off Libya” says Erdogan

President Tayyip Erdogan claimed that Turkey was in talks with Italy over drilling in the sea area off Libya, that is in the maritime zone as stated in the Turkey-Libya agreement.

Speaking to reporters, Erdogan revealed the relevant negotiations between Ankara and Rome.

“Italy is currently negotiating with us in the context of the agreement with Libya to drill,” Erdogan said. He added in a provocative tone that this would “drive Greece crazy.”

“Because our coasts are now facing the Libyan coast, we now have the opportunity to do what Cyprus did not do and that is driving Greece crazy … After all, we have the largest coastline in the eastern Mediterranean. And that gives us an extra opportunity, “Erdogan said.

Italy has so far neither confirmed nor dismissed Erdogan’s claims that were made over the weekend.

Erdogan noted further that while the Turkey-Libya agreement was a bilateral deal, they may include three other countries later on and have a consensus with Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj on this.

He noted that the inclusion of other countries in the deal will lead to further progress in the region.

If Erdogan’s claims are true this would mean “a stab on the back of ”  Greece and thus by one European Union fellow country. Even though the EU has jointly described the Turkey-Libya agreement as one that violates the International Law.

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