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“Archer of Syntagma”, two women arrested in anti-terror operation in Athens

Greek police announced the arrest of three “urban terrorists,” with one of the suspects identified as the so-called “Archer of Syntagma.” Two other suspects are women.

The arrests were conducted in Agia Paraskevi suburb of northern Athens short after 9 o’ clock Wednesday morning in an operation with policemen reportedly dressed in civilian cloths.

The three suspects were in a vehicle stolen a couple of days ago, when they were stopped by police.

Video: Security camera footage shows suspects’ vehicle followed by two police cars.

Handguns as well as an assault rifle and a machine pistol were in the car, fake IDs, mobile phone, stolen license plates, other items  and one silicon mask. One Kalashnikov and one Scorpion were in the vehicle, one 9-mm pistol was loaded with a bullet. All three suspects were wearing gloves.


The man was wearing a bullet proof vest, media report.

Police investigates whether the three were planning an armed attack – most likely an armed robbery in the area where they were captured.

The so-called “Archer of Syntagma” got his nickname after he was photographed targeting the Parliament with a bow and an arrow during a massive protest against austerity measures in February 2011.

The 32-year-old man had been arrested an armed robbery in northern Greece, another case linked with a radical anti-state urban guerrilla group.

He had been convicted for being involved in a shootout with police in the northern Athens suburb of Pefki, where two policemen and a passerby were injured. HE was also charged in twin bank robberies in northern Greece’s Kozani prefecture – incidents related to the activity of the self-styled anarchist terror gang “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire.”

Serving a sentence of 23 years and 9 months, he had escaped from the Tiryntha prison farm in southern Greece in June 2019 and was a fugitive ever since.

Police was reportedly monitoring the group since Christmas.

Police has conducted investigation in four apartments in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Ballistic examination showed that the weapons have not been used before, media report.

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