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Strong presence of warships in East Mediterranean Sea – MAP

Warships from several countries are currently in the East Mediterranean Sea, according to a map designed by the energy markets website petroleum economist. The map shows maritime delimitation in the area as well as the location of frigates and other warships from Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, US, France, Egypt and Germany.

According to the publishers, the map collated the latest situation after military and political tensions have been ramped up in recent months in the East Mediterranean.

It should be noted that Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis arrived at the Block 4, in the West of the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus on sunday, after it spent almost a day at the edge of the Greek continental shelf, near Kastelorizo.

Two frigates of the Turkish NAvy were monitoring Oruc Reis from afar.

The second Turkish vessel, drill ship Yavuz remains in Block 8 of the Cypriot EEZ, along with support vessels.

North of the Block 8 sails the French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle and one Greek frigate.

Two Rafale fighter jets flew from the aircraft carrier over Cyprus on Sunday, upsetting Ankara.

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    Thank you for sharing… Please keep in mind that there is no such a “potential Turkish – Libian maritame zone”. It is not legal such a thing and that is the end of it.