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Two elderly women rescued from apartment fire in south Athens (video)

Two elderly women were rescued from a fire that broke out in an fifth-floor apartment in Palaio Faliro suburb of southern Athens on Thursday morning. Both women were transferred to hospital. One suffered injuries in hands, legs and face, the second had respiratory issues.

Based on footage from the scene, one of the women must be over 85 years old.

The fire broke out in the apartment of the injured woman short after 7:30 in the morning and spread very quickly.

Fire brigades rushed to the area, where they evacuated the apartment owner from a balcony where she was trapped.

The second woman had fled to the building roof from where she was evacuated.

Rescue videos

The other residents of the apartment building were evacuated from the stairs.

The reason for the blaze is still unknown, the Fire Service investigates.

The Fire Brigades operated with 18 firefighter and 5 fire trucks.

When the fire extinction was over, another fire broke out in an apartment of a building near by. Fire brigades rushed to the apartment and out the blaze out with a fire extinguisher. A woman was frying something in the kitchen when a kitchen cloth got on fire.

In Kavala, northern Greece, a 94-year-old woman died when a fire broke out in an apartment where she was living with another three women. They managed to flee, but the elderly was left behind, where she reportedly died of smoke poisoning. The fire was caused by a heating device.

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