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Petition for “national strategy” to tackle Animal Abuse in Greece

The Greek Animal Welfare and Environment Protection Federation, an umbrella for 67 animal welfare organizations across the country has started a petition urging Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the need of a “national strategy” against animal abuse.

“We can no longer tolerate the animals abuse that are not isolated incidents,” petioners write among others.

The citizens of Greece are demanding that the state takes immediate action to tackle animal abuse.

There is a dire need for a national strategy to be developed through coordinated partnerships with major animal welfare organisations to arrest the animal abuse problem immediately.

This line of strategy is imperative so that the country ceases to be synonymous with animal abuse and continues to be among the countries that promote and produce culture.There is a clear but often ignored outcry from the global community including but not limited to animal welfare/protection organisations, tourists and other global citizens who have their eyes on Greece.

These groups are protesting the way society and the state are dealing with the citizens’ criminal attitude towards these helpless animals. As citizens of Greece, we are calling for this issue to be debated in the Council of Ministers.

No more tolerance in animal abuse!

Please, click to Sign the Petition here.

It is especially the poisoning of cats and dogs that is taking place across the country almost on daily basis. From Preveza in Epirus to Serifos in the Cyclades and from Athens suburbs to Corinth in Peloponnese, the human beasts go against dozens of animals, without fear of punishment.

ATTENTION! Graphic pictures

Mass poisoning is not the only method of abuse. Cats, dogs, horses are being shot with weapons and some are being left to die with nobody helping them.

In the village Perivoli, Domokos, a thug shot at a young dog. The injured animal was suffering for ten days and nobody in the village helped it. When discovered by an animal welfare volunteer the was taking to the vet and thus in two clinics in two different cities. It was too late. The dog died. He was just four month old.

Even if perpetrators are caught and they get sentenced, they often go free on suspended sentences.

The Greek Animal law with heavier punishment has been imposed since 2012 but it apparently needs revisions.

PS we, here in KTG, were no able to report about animal issues in Greece during the last year. Apologies.

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  1. Certainly understand why you don’t report on animal abuse – too heartbreaking!