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Chinese nationals to sue Greek state for Golden Visa delays

Chinese nationals who invested at least 250,000 euros in real estate in order to obtain a Golden Visa are angry. 35 of them threaten to sue the Greek state for 10 million euros for delays in issuing the long-awaited precious and highly expensive  paper for them and their families.

The visas are supposed to be issued within two months.

Solution or financial compensation

“35 Chinese nationals who tabled Golden Visa applications as long as two years ago have just launched the legal process to claim compensation from the Greek state,” reports daily kathimerini.

In December 2019, they sent “an out-of-court document of protest to the state’s Decentralized Authority of Attica, which is the agency responsible for processing such applications in Athens.”

“In their letter, they demanded the immediate granting of the residence permits they say they are entitled to, as well as the identification of the people responsible for the delays, warning that otherwise they will resort to the competent courts and claim compensation,” kathimerini writes.

A representative of the claimants told the daily that “no progress has been recorded to date,” and they are “now preparing to take legal action.”

According to the daily, Migration Policy Minister Notis Mitarakis issued a circular to the competent authorities on February 6 requesting an acceleration in the processing of applications and raising the issue of the country’s credibility if the two-month deadline is missed.

However, market sources say that the competent agencies keep trying to extend the deadline by demanding more and more documents from aspiring recipients of the permits. as has allegedly been the case with the 35 Chinese citizens, thereby resetting the two-month clock multiple times, kathimerini points out.

*thumbnail from a youtube video by Chinese CGTN network

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  1. That just show everything! Better to issue visas to those who love Greece and will support it not sue it.