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Jesus speaks to Greek Bishop about Highway Construction

Holy things happen in Greece. Jesus Christ spoke to Bishop Germanos of Ilia Prefecture, Peloponnese, and passed a message to the Prime Minister. Kyriakos Mitsotakis should begin with the construction of the Patras-Pyrgos-Olympia highway, the Bishop told a crowd of faithful protesters in the area.

Locals gathered to protest the bad construction of the highway on Wednesday, following a fatal car accident where two young men aged 25 and 28 lost their lives on Sunday.

Banner: “No more blood for the interests of the big constructors – Time for struggle”

Hundreds of people demanded the construction of a new highway to connect Pyrgos with Patras as well its extension to Olympia and Tsakona without tolls.

The mother one of the killed in the car accident, broke out during her rally. “I will go to Parliament and set them on fire,” she said.

Representatives of local authorities, associations and trade unions from Ilia and Achaia, as well as many residents joined the protest.from areas of the two counties.

The mayor of Pyrgos stressed “we cannot tolerate more victims of traffic accidents.”

Patras mayor underlined that “the municipality has been demanding from all governments the construction of a modern Patra – Pyrgos – Tsakona highway. This project could have been completed by now.”

PS As Jesus did not mention funding,the PM may have a divine inspiration.

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One comment

  1. that seems to be the default response of any government in greece to any issue – build more highways!
    half the country cant even afford to drive on them anymore, but hey, that doesnt concern us.