Sunday , April 2 2023
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Greece warns migrants with SMS: “Border security to maximum level”

Greek authorities have started to warn migrants and refugees from crossing into the country. An SMS action has been launched since Saturday evneing with the aim to prevent the thousands who have amassed at the border with Turkey to attempt entering Greece.

The SMS reads: “From Hellenic Republic: Greece is increasing border security level to maxmimu. Do not attempt to cross the border illegally.”

The SMS is reportedly received by to thousands of foreign mobile phones in the vicinity of the Evros border area, when they approach the border.

Later on Sunday, the SMS was enriched with contina against the Turkish propaganda.

Meanwhile, also the Greek Foreign Ministry has taken action and is warning migrants and refugees to no try to cross the border. At the same time, the ministry accuses the Turkish authorities “misinformation” and “false numbers.”

The situation on the North-East border is very tense, with groups attempting again and again to enter into Greece, army and police forces have been increased since Friday and are on alert.

The risk of a violent confrontation has dangerously increased.

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