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Greeks rush to support with donations security forces deployed at Evros

Residents in north-eastern Greece are getting together tons of food and water to show their solidarity with the Greek Armed and Security forces deployed at the border with Turkey to prevent thousands of migrants crossing into Greece.

The Evros Health Stores Association distributed water, food, snacks and energy drinks to police in Kastanias and three other border posts where security forces are operating.

“By decision of the Board of Directors we have decided to help as much as we can the situation at four border points. We managed and filled two trucks of things we were asked to do, water, some food, snacks and energy drinks. We started this morning at 10 am from the Ferres police station and continued to other stations in Tycheoros and Soulfi,” Union president Nikos Georgiadis told news website grtimes.

“We were informed by both the police and the army of some deficiencies that existed and we decided that we would come back on Wednesday or Thursday with some things, such as gloves, masks, antiseptics, that are needed and are in short supply,” Georgiadis added.

He said that he was scared of what he saw at the places he visited, with immigrants throwing stones at the police.

On a daily basis, citizens reportedly bring food and other useful items to the customs office in Kastanias. President of local community who owns a baker in the 800-residents village donated the traditional flatbread lagana on Clean Monday.

Mayor of Orestiada told state broadcaster ERT TV that they have been receiving phone calls by citizens from all over the country who want to supply the armed forces at the border with donations.

“We estimated that the situation will continue for quite some time, therefore people should wait with their help donations,” he said adding that local communities do not even have the means to deal with logistic aid.

Meanwhile, also football teams join the wave of support for the security forces at the borders. One FC is to send superfoods, another other items.

Hundreds of men have been deployed along the Evros border since Friday, when cTurkey opened its gates for thousands to cross into Greece and Europe.

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