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Turkish Coast Guard tries to ram vessel of Greek Coast Guard (videos)

A video released by the Greek Coast Guard shows a one of its vessels being harassed by a Turkish Coast Guard boat.

The Turkish vessel can be seen maneuvering dangerously close to the Greek boat at high speed, obviously trying to ram it.

The Greek captain avoids the worse by keeping a steady high speed.

The incident reportedly took place off the island of Lesvos.

The incident comes amid rising tensions between Greek and Turkish vessels in the Aegean in recent days.

A new video was released late on Friday and thus from another perspective.

In declared wars, it is the soldiers who fight with real ammunition.

In this “undeclared war,” Turkey uses its coast guard and policemen who fire tear gas Greek security forces.

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  1. In this “undeclared war,”..

    It is the case.

    Greece, Europe and the West are at war agaisnt turkey and their allies.

    Time to general mobilization and to prepare to take bck Constantinople!

  2. What we don’t know from this report is exactly where the two vessels were at the time. We all know that the maritime border between Greek and Turkish waters is extremely narrow near Lesvos, so knowing the exact position of the two coastguard vessels is essential. It might be, for example, that the Greek coastguard vessel had unintentionally strayed into Turkish waters and the Turkish coastguard was intent on chasing them out….

  3. You have not seen a war yet