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Erdogan accuses Greece of “Nazi practices against asylum seekers”

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Greece of “Nazi practices against refugees” at the border and “violations of their human rights.” It is the second time, Erdogan refers to the practices of the Nazi Germany. A few days ago, he had claimed that what Greece does at the border was similar to “Nazis’ concentration camps.”

“There is no difference between what the Nazis did and video footage from the Greek border,” Erdogan said on Wednesday.he said.

“Opening fire on innocent people who have no aim besides saving their lives and providing a better future for their children … is barbarism in the full sense of the word,” he noted.

Erdogan also blasted the European Union’s attitude towards Turkey on the refugees.

“We don’t want any aid from anyone, we’re also not begging for someone. Our only demand is that the EU keeps its pledges made to our country,” he said.

He threatened that migrants and refugees influx will increase not only at the land borders but also in the Mediterranean Sea.

“We will carry out our policies at the borders until our expectations are concretely meet on the opening of chapters on free movement, updating the customs unions, and financial support,” Erdogan added, referring to the EU’s unkept promises, Turkish media reported on Wednesday.

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  1. This trouble making Mongol clown, Erdogan needs to be dealt with.