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Greece to halt all international passengers flights to/from Greece

The Greek government is very seriously considering to halt all passengers flights from and to Greece as of Sunday afternoon, March 22, 2020, media report on Thursday. The ban will be imposed to all Greek airports. It is an additional measure to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country that counts 418 confirmed cases and 6 deaths.

According to media information, exempt are specific cargo flights, that is the ones related to logistics supply.

The move is one additional measure following the increase of coronavirus infections worldwide.

Already many airlines have drastically cut flight schedule, but as of Sunday Greece will impose a lockdown also to international flights.

Speaking to Skai TV, State minister Giorgos Gerapetritis said Thursday morning that the ban on international flights “is a measure under consideration.”

Skai reported that government is considering measures for internal flights, as well.

There are reportedly also considerations for possible restrictions in the internal sea traffic, something very difficult as the supplies line for the islands cannot be halted.

Official announcements are expected around 6 o’ clock Thursday evening during the daily briefing on coronavirus by health and civil protection authorities.

On March 18, Greece imposed a 14-day quarantine to Greeks coming to abroad, to EU-citizens and especially travelers from UK since March 18. Upon arrival they will have to register their address in the country for eventual control. Fines of up to 5,000 euros are due for those violating the house isolation.

Since Wednesday, Greece closed its borders to non-EU citizens allowing only those for emergency work or family issues.

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  1. What about flights and ferries from mainland Greece to the islands. If there are no cases on the islands yet this will soon change if there is no restriction.

  2. Marjorie Walmsley

    Are flights from Athens and Thessaloniki still being allowed? Restricting these would help to keep Crete save?
    I am sure other islands are in the same situation.