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Coronavirus: China sends one million masks & medical supply to Greece

Tons of medical supplies including one million surgical masks arrived in Athens international airport from China on Saturday morning. The airlift followed an urgent aid request from Greece with hospitals to run low on masks, giving only two to each health worker per shift.
The aid consists of 550,000 medical and surgical masks and sets of protective gear, according to press releases issued by the Chinese embassy in Athens and the Greek National Heath Organization.

Many other aid packages, including also masks, goggles, gloves and shoe covers, weighing around 10 tons, donated by Chinese enterprises and organizations, arrived on the same flight.

A first load of 50,000 masks arrived in Greece beginning of the week.

The supplies were collected and sent to Greece within eight days, at a time when China is still under immense pressure to contain the epidemic and medical materials are still in short supply, Chinese Ambassador to Greece Zhang Qiyue said at a handover ceremony with Greek Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias in Eleftherios Venizelos airport.

Health Minister Kikkilias expressed Greece’s gratitude to the Chinese government and any other entity that provided assistance. “During a global shortage of these goods and an immense battle waged by the health ministry in order to secure supplies, this today is a great relief and we will continue to fight in order to equip our hospitals,” he told ERT TV.

“It is very significant that we have this cooperation with China and it is providing this assistance that we need,” he added.

He stressed that the donation will be a huge relief for Greece’s healthcare and medical staff, especially, so that there are adequate means of self-protection for a sizeable period of time.

He noted that Greece, unfortunately, produces minimal amounts of hygiene and sanitation gear, which is not enough to cover the heightened demand.

sources: xinhua, amna

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