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Coronavirus cases reach 743, deaths 20. Mother of 3 tested after death

Greece’s health authorities announced 48 new confirmed cases of coronavirus with the total number of infections across the country to reach 743. Death toll reached 20, with two people to have died in a hospital in Athens on Tuesday and one 41-year-old woman to have been tested positive after death.

The number of hospitalized is 134, with 45 of them to be intubated.

Majority of the intubated are men with serious underlying health problems. Avergae age of intuibated is 68.

32 patients have been discharged from hospitals.

21 Greeks out of 263 repatriated from Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) have been tested positive to COVID-19. The whole two groups are in isolation in a hotel in Athens.

20 people died since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, their average age at 75. Majority of them were men.

The latest victims are an 86-year-old woman who passed away in Sotiria hospital in Athens in the early morning hours of Tuesday, and an intubated 64-year-old also in Sotiria who died at noon.

A 41-year-old mother of three was tested positive after her death. She is the youngest fatality in Greece, and the fourth person to die in Kastoria area, western Macedonia.

The woman reportedly died in her home early Saturday morning, while waiting for the ambulance.

She had fever and shortness of breath and had contacted the National Health Organization (EODY) in charge of the endemic. She was advised to house isolation. Early Saturday her condition deteriorated, the family called the ambulance.

She was suffering from asthma, local media reported.

According to local media, her husband and her three children are in house isolation.

In an effort to limit the number of patients in the country’s hospitals, EODY staff rather advises people to house isolation even if they have high fever, more and more citizens complain.

A patient told Star TV on Monday that she had to put immense pressure to EODY get permission to be transferred to a designated hospital in Athens. Among others, she was advised to drive to the hospital, although she had 39 fever, or to get another person to drive her there, although there was strong suspicion that she had COVID-19. Ultimately, she managed to had an ambulance transfer her to the hospital. She was tested positive.

More information about coronavirus in Greece including restrictions and lockdown measures here.

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