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Greece Lockdown: Advice for pet onwers, vet visits, feeding strays

The lockdown measures imposed to Greece since Monday have raised a lot of questions among pet owners and animal lovers taking care of strays or those who have some goats or chicken in the countryside.

In the lockdown movement permits (printed form or sms) there is one category for dog walking – 6 or B6 -, but nothing else on things that concern us: Can I still feed strays? Which category do I check if I need to take my pet to the vet? Can I feed my goats that are 5 km away from the village? And generally: Are vets open?

KTG asked around by vets and volunteers in animal welfare societies and here are the answers to the crucial questions:

Pet walking: 6 or B6

Feeding strays: 6 or B6 ?

On Monday, many said on social media that “feeding strays” was added on this category. Today it was clear, it was not! However, the Movement Permit notes vaguely “for pets needs.”

The Municipality of Perama said in a statement that feeding strays is allowed “because they need us now more than ever,” and that the Permit can be in printed form, in sms or handwritten. Unfortunately neither the Perama Municipality had any advise on the category.

In a statement issued on Sunday after the announcement of the lockdown, the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Society said that a statement specifically on feeding strays was excepted by the authorities.

The Society advice animal lovers to check B6 eventually noting “feeding animals”. In case people get in trouble at police control they should e-mail the society at “[email protected]

Vet visit: 1 or B1

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said on Wednesday that one had to check B1 (visit to doctor) for bringing a pet to vet.

Vets accept only serious problems emergencies including surgeries and after an appointment. Things like vaccines can wait, the Association of the Veterinarians in Greece said in a spot created for the purpose of how to protect animals during the coronavirus crisis.

Among others, Greek Vets advise: Do not go far from home – Do not allow strangers to your pet – Clean also your pet after the walk – Put dry food and water for the strays.

Of course, no system is perfect. A pet owner told Alpha TV that he sent the sms and dog was barking as he was under pressure. He took the animal out and the sms respond came 40 minutes later.

As for feeding chicken, goats, rabbits, horse and all other animals in the countryside… well, also very many Greeks have the same questions and sent them to a magazine on state broadcaster ERT TV on Tuesday afternoon.

I assume, authorities took notice and we will soon have the answer – that is: before the animals starve.

” I don’t get down. You took me for a walk 10 times today!” This picture has gone viral on Greek internet as many claim that they use their dogs to go out as often as possible.

Others who don’t have a dog try other solutions

“I refused to walk on a leash”

“what do you mean it doesn’t look like a dog?”

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