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Matted dog Loukoumakis rescued in Athens wildfires seeks forever home

Loukoumakis is the dog that survived the hell in Athens wildfires and his story touched millions of people in Greece and around the world. One can hardly recognize that the small vivid dog is the same who was found a week ago in an outdoor oven in an desperate situation: …

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Attica wildfires info: Missing Pets and Found Pets with pictures

Several pets went missing in the wildfires in North-East Athens (East Attica). Owners and families are seeking for their pets on social media, others post pictures of pets that they have found. Please, note that several volunteers are currently (24. July 2018) in Mati, Kokkino Limanaki and Neos Voutzas in …

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Pets bill to make neutering obligatory yet breeding will be allowed

A draft bill obliging owners to neuter their pets will be posted for public consultation over the next two months, Agriculture Minister Vangelis Apostolou said on Thursday. “Our aim is to establish a single and up-to-date legislation. Our archive includes proposals by bodies and we also have an important experience …

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Greece’s Animals Law uploaded for Public Consultation

The revised law for the protection of companion animals and strays has been uploaded on March 31 on internet for public consultation. You can write your comments until April 13, 2011. Unfortunately I can’t translate the whole law… However from the comments I’ve read so far, there are constructive proposals  …

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