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The “invisible” forest fire victims: Wildlife, abandoned pets and farming animals

Thousands of wildlife, farming animals, pets, stray cats and dogs were burned to death or injured at the forest fire on Gerania Mountains and West Attica last week. Volunteers who went there to help found a landscape of horror, while the government and the mainstream media cheered that there were not victims. They certainly meant humans as if animals are not a part of the world we live in.

“There are no words to describe the situation in the areas of fire. Everything has turned to ashes. The absolute disaster.  A funeral landscape,” wrote one of the volunteers on social media.

Countless are the animals that were left behind by their owners when the fire service and authorities ordered the evacuation of villages and settlements. Some told volunteers that they were ordered by police to just open a door and leave them behind, others admitted that they indeed left abandoning their animals and pets.

Pictures from volunteers’ rescue operation.


Dogs and other animals in chains found a horrible death.

Dead sheep, puppies, kittne, dogs, pigs, horses, donkeys…

Thousands of newly hatched birds who couldn’t make it, newborn wildlife, deer, snakes, foxes, hedgehogs, families of wild boar…you name it.

An injured dog here, a turtle there, a cow…

Those who survived, light or heavily injured wandered around or just cr  in a hole, thirsty, hungry and in pain waiting for a helping hand.

This came from the heroic volunteers who moved into the areas on fire, with food, waters and first aid material to save as many animals as they could.

Hundreds of Greeks rushed to donate all food, water and first aid material when the volunteers called for help.

From the state came no help. The Greek state is no sensitive when it comes to animals. No matter what the disaster is, whether wildfire, floods, earthquakes or any other kind of natural disasters. Why? Because.

Operation rescue puppies: one of the many rescue efforts by Community Association Caesar’s Paradise

The “sad collection” from the non-profit ANIMA Organization for the Protection of Wildlife.

The rescue and providing help operations are ongoing. If you want to help, please, contact these three organizations on Facebook.

The blaze that broke out late last Wednesday burned down 27.4 sq miles of vegetation, most of it pine forest in NATURA 2000 protected area.

The fire was extinguished five days later, on Monday.

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