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Greece Lockdown: Special Permits for strays feeding approved by Municipalities

The Greek Civil Protection clarified instructions for those feeding strays during the lockdown period. Allowed is movement only within the municipality of permanent residence and for the duration of three hours. There is a special form that has to be downloaded, printed and approved by the office in charge of each municipality.Those taking care of strays in areas outside their municipality should

For one more time, authorities prove that have no idea about how the feeding strays mechanism works.

“Those taking care of strays in areas outside their municipality should contact animal welfare societies, other feeders or municipalities to take care of feeding of these strays until the lockdown is lifted,” head of Greek Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said during the daily briefing on Wednesday afternoon.

Later, the Association of Greek Municipalities KEDE uploaded the form which feeders should fill up and have approved by the municipality – Please, note that due to the movement restrictions, citizens need to arrange an appointment before visiting a public service.

Form and explanation

Municipalities will approve the Special Feeding Permit as of today, Thursday, March 26, 2020.

The form is in Greek only.

After ΒΕΒΑΙΩΝΕΙ the feeder must fill:

Full Name – Father’s name – Address – ID/Passport Number

Note areas (points) where the strays are

Feeding Days

Feeding Hours (up to 3 hours): <…. a.m. and … a.m.>, <…. p.m. and … p.m.>


Holders of this permission must always carry this paper and ID or Passport with them.

You can download the Form at the KEDE website here.

Please, remember that for Dog Walking you fill/sms/write B6 and for Vet Visit B1

Half-measures by those with no idea

Among others, the state mechanism did not take into consideration:

1 Many people who are not breeders or farmers keep animals (chicken, goats, sheep, horses etc) in areas outside their residence municipality

2 Several strays feeders are elderly who have to protect themselves from the coronavirus and therefore they have stopped going out thus increasing the burden to other private feeders and animal welfare societies.

3 Feeding/care expenses are on the shoulders of volunteers, animal lovers, societies and that it is not easy to “transfer” the cost form one side to another especially when thousands are without income due to the closure of thousands of businesses and lay offs

4 Hardly can any animal feeder be at the same time in 20-30-40 different points of a municipality and feed animals he/she never seen before.

President of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Association Natasa Mpompolaki, told Sto Kokkino FM on Thuesday morning that the new directive does not cover all issues related to feeding animals.

“Knowing that the majority of municipalities does not do anything about the strays, if the pandemic and the movement restrictions last for a long time this will have devastating effect to animals,” Mpompolaki said.

She underlined that the feeding/care must be permitted to all areas where the animals are and stressed that the feeding/care of strays must be extended to animals of all kinds.

PS Don’t ask me what to check on the Lockdown Movement Permit Form in order to go to the municipality. There is no such category! 🙁

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