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Coronavirus Greece: 1,156 cases, 38 deaths; measures extension

Death toll due to COVID-15 rose to 38 from Saturday to Sunday after six patients passed away, health authorities announced at the daily briefing of coronavirus in Greece. With 95 new confirmed cases, the total number of infections across the country is at 1,156.

The latest victim is a 76-year-old woman on the island of Lesvos. She was admitted in the hospital on Thursday with pneumonia and was tested positive on COVID-19. The woman’s daughter and her grandchild have been tested as well, results are pending. The daughter has flu symptoms. the health center of Kalloni has been disinfected.

Majority of confirmed infections are in Attica.

National Health Organization spokesman Sotiris Tsiodras said that one person was tested positive in a shelter hosting 130 homeless people. The patient is hospitalized in “good health condition,” all other people in the shelter are being examined.

69 patients remain intubated in Intensive Care Units.

Death toll is high for those in ICUs, Tsiodras said adding “47% of them die.”

At the same time, some recover. Next to four patients taken off mechanical support recently, one man was off mechanical support in Alexandroupolis hospital and another one was discharged.

From the 38 dead, 29 were men and 9 were women. Their average age was 71.

92% had underlying health problems.

15,151 coronavirus tests have been conducted since the outbreak in the country. 5% of the infected need medical treatment.

“those admitted to hospitals are the tip of the iceberg,” Tsiodras said.

The Professor for Infectious Diseases urged citizens to be particularly careful with the use of chloroquine, which he said should only be administered with medical supervision. It is associated with many side effects, even with death, he said and cited the case of the couple in the US who drank chemicals for chlorine-containing aquarium cleaning, causing the man to die and the woman in critical condition.

He mentioned another drug, mefloquine that it is also used for malaria.

“This has also its toxicities. It will be tested [for the treatment of OCVID-19] as well. There is no miracle drug,”he said noting that it has rarely been observed to cause some mental disorders.

“Attention to misinformation, which can become more dangerous than the virus,” Tsiodras stressed.

He noted that the pace of pandemic spread in Greece is slower than in other European countries, such as Italy, France and Spain.

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Chardalias announced that the extension of the closure for retail shops, cafes, businesses etc until April 11.

He clarified that the extension refers to facilities already closed on March 18.

Restrictions measures for places of worship are extended until April 11.

Also the quarantine in the villages of Damaskinia and Dragassia by Kastoria has been extended for another week.

More information about coronavirus in Greece and lockdown measures here.

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  1. Isaak Dostis, Ioannina

    A majority of cases are in Attica….that doesn’t tell us the story really….when will you publish the case in the various prefectures… and of all the case we have in Greece, when will you publish some good news of how many have survived…in total….thanks…

    • keeptalkinggreece

      there is an interactive geo map on our website with updates usually with a day delay. What is publish is based on data is based on what the Greek NHO publishes.