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Coronavirus survey: 54% of Greeks approve lockdown, 75% financially affected

Greeks are concerned about the coronavirus and its transmission and half of them are convinced that they will get infected. The majority of them approves the actions taken by the government to contain the spread of the virus, and 54% approve the imposed lockdown.

According to a nationwide public opinion poll conducted by pollster Interview between March 27-21, 2020:

50% of respondents they consider as “high” the possibility that they will get infected. 42% considered it to be either “small” or “not at all.” 8% said they did not know/did not respond.

67% said that they follow the daily briefing by the health authorities. 21% said “twice” or “thrice” a week. 7% said “less often”, while 5% said “never.”

87% said that they consider as “positive” the action taken by the government to tackle the pandemic. 10% consider them “10% as “negative.”

Regarding the lockdown, 54% of respondents said that they consider it as “necessary.”  37% said that they want additional measures. 7% said that they consider it as “unnecessary” and 2% said they do not know / do not respond.

87% said that they have increased their personal hygiene.

75% said that they keep a distance of 2 meters from people they meet when outside their homes. 22% said that they sometimes forget it, while only 3% said that they do not keep the safety distance..

With regard to work, salary or income in the days of coronavirus, 73% responded that they have been “negative” affected.

55% estimates that the current restrictions will last “until the summer’, 30% by the “end of April,” 10% by the “end of the year” and 5% for “another year or more.”

The survey was conducted on a nationwide sample of 1,200 individuals using the iCATI-WEB methodology and within the period March 27 to March 31, 2020.

The lockdown was imposed on March 23.

sources: ethnos, cnngreece

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