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Greece Weather Warning: Snow, Storms, Temperature drop, Wind up to 9B

Greece’s National Meteorological Service EMY warns of sharp weather deterioration with heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms, temperature drop by 8-10 degrees Celsius, powerful northern winds up to 9 Beaufort and dense snowfalls even in low altitudes.

The barometric low will affect a large part of the country on Wednesday and Thursday, April 1-2, 2020, with strong weather phenomena mainly in northern Greece.

EMY  has issued a RED ALERT, the highest level, for Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.

According to meteo service of the National Observatory of Athens rainfalls start in the early morning hours of Wednesday in West and North, will increase during the day and extend eastward.

Locally strong weather phenomena are expected as from noon time in Macedonia and the North Aegean Sea. During the night and until the early morning hours of Thursday 02/04, the effects will also affect the islands of the Eastern Aegean.

Cold air masses coming from Central Europe will cause a significant temperature drop and snowfalls in theinitially in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas and gradually also at very low altitudes.

Strong winds blowing with intensity 7-8 Beaufort initially from East and later from the North. Winds will reach 9 Beaufort in the North Aegean Sea. Phenomena will weaken as of Thursday afternoon, April 2.

Weather Forecast Analytically

Wednesday, April 1

Rainfalls and thunderstorms in the Ionian Sea, Epirus, West Sterea,
northwestern Peloponnese and gradually Thessaly and Sporades islands.
In western Greece, the effects will be weakened by late afternoon.

Rainfalls in Macedonia will get stronger during the day,
especially in central Macedonia.

Strong rainfalls and sporadic storms will affect Thrace, the islands
of the north Aegean as of the evening; from the early hours of Thursday
the islands of the eastern Aegean and possibly Dodecanese.

Snowfall in the mountains and semi-mountainous areas in Central and North Greece. Dense snowfalls also in low altitude areas in West and Central Macedonia, North Thessaly, gradually also to East Macedonia and as of Thursday morning in Thrace as well. (indicative altitude 200-300 meters).

Severe weather phenomena in East Macedonia, Thrace, islands of East Agean Sea, and possibly the Dodecanese.

They will weaken gradually as of early evening.

Further temperature drop in the night from Thursday to Friday, especially in northern Greece.

The weather will not be much better on Saturday, April 4, with rainfalls and cloudiness.

PS Do we care about the weather while Greece is in coronavirus lockdown? Yes, we do. Nothing compares to sunshine even if we are stuck in our homes.

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