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Countdown for lockdown lifting: Greek PM to announce schedule on Apr 28

Countdown for gradual lifting of the lockdown restrictions in Greece. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will address the nation on Tuesday and will reveal the thorough plan about how and when which economy sectors will open again, a process expected to conclude in two months.

Mitsotakis’ address is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, April 28, 2020, media report today.

In his televised message, Mitsotakis will reportedly explain to citizens that the transition to second phase, which is the gradual lifting of movement and economic restriction measures, is possible because the first phase was successfully completed.

“Phase A” was the protection of public health, the imposition and observance of restrictive measures and the reduction of the minimum rate of the spread of coronavirus among the population.

This period lasted two months, from February 26, when the first case was detected in Greece, until today.

Also “Phase B” will last almost two months, starting with the lifting of the first measures on May 4, while the process is expected to conclude end of June.

The schedule is so set and provides that there will be no set back and no resurge of the pandemic.

Effects on the health of the population will be evaluated daily and the lifting of the lockdown measures will be done in weekly base.

The first lifting of lockdown measures practically takes place on Monday, April 27, with the Mortgage Offices, the Magistrates’ Courts and the Court of First Instance, but for specific procedures, such as those of the consensual pre-notices.

On Monday, May 4, the opening of small shops and hairdressers most likely will take place, with a limit of two customers within the space.

If no set backs, cafes, bars and restaurants are expected to open again towards the end of May. According to media, customers will be allowed only in the outdoor areas and with a safety distance among them.

Tourist businesses are expected to open again in June as so will shopping malls.

A common European framework for flights is required before foreign tourists can start coming to Greece, most possible under certain conditions and specific measures .

Final decisions for the reopening of the schools have not been taken still on Sunday.

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