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Greece lockdown easing: Not wearing a mask will fine you with €150

The Greek government may have announced the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions but heavy fines will remain in force. The tariff is the same as for the violation of the movement permit during the lockdown: 150 euros. But this time, the amount will be paid by those who do not wear a mask where they should.

As of May 4, the use of mask is mandatory or strongly recommended in closed spaces such as hospitals, supermarkets and grocery stores, retail and other shops, public transport means and taxis, and especially in areas where there is close physical contact like in hairdressers, barbershops and beauty parlors and driving license schools.

Masks can be made of fabric or other material

Generally speaking, KTG understands that people should wear a mask in all indoor public spaces.

Following the good old practice of giving rather vague information, the official government website does not thoroughly lists the “closed spaces” or who is considered to belong to so-called “3rd age group”. It notes on the use of mask:

Compulsory for customers and workers in hairdressers, barbershops, beauty salons and all services presupposing close physical contact as well as for workers in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Strongly Recommended for workers and customers in all closed spaces (indoors) and public transport means

Seniors (strongly recommended for continuation of “Stay at Home”)

Masks can be currently purchased at pharmacies.

Speaking to state broadcaster ERT TV on Tuesday, Minister Aris Skertsos confirmed what media reported about the fine. “Yes, there will be fines where the use of mask is mandatory,” he said.

“We consider that social consciousness, the self-control of every citizen will lead to compliance. It is about everybody’s health and the health of the society,” he added.

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas told Skai TV on Wednesday morning that “control checks will continue, especially with regards to crowding.”

It should be noted that the new government slogan is “We Stay Safe” and has three pillars: Wash hands, keep distance of 1.5-2 meters, wear a mask.

Of course, the question that arises is the following: Professor of Infectious Diseases and spokesman of National Health Organization Sotiris Tsiodras was saying end of March that masks were only for those infected and still beginning of April was considering the use of mask by the general population “a mistake,” and “even dangerous” as it creates the illusion of protection from the coronavirus.

So, what has changed now?

It is should be noted that the prices for masks skyrocketed since the outbreak and from 0.30 euros went up to 1.50 euro for a simple surgical mask.

In this senses, when the use of mask is mandatory or strongly recommended and fines threaten those who can’t afford to buy one, it should be made available free of charge

It is worth mentioning that fines remain also for those operating business although not officially permitted yet (5,000 euros) and for those participating in gatherings over 10 people (1,000 euros.)

PS Rumors have it that when the pandemic is over, this Greek government will impose a 150-euro fine on …ice creams or chocolates or tyropites (cheese pies).

Others claim that the Prime Minister has a 150-euro solution for every Greek problem.

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  1. are masks, sewn myself (self-made) allowed? Where can I buy masks? Can I use a scarf instead?

    • Following is a quote from the article: “Masks can be currently purchased at pharmacies.” I suppose I will be rocking my soviet era gas mask just to be absolutely sure. Looks dope too. Hope the police won’t find that too offensive.

  2. Funny thing is that in the English version of the linked government flyer there is no difference between supermarket workers and customers. According to the English version masks are mandatory for both while in the Greek version they are only mandatory for employees.

  3. I do understand that my hairdresser can probably manage to shampoo and cut my hair while wearing a mask BUT how can she do that while I am wearing one? Does she ignore or cut round my ears and only shampoo the centre of my head?

  4. It’s brilliant that many countries are now making mask wearing mandatory. I’m really happy that as of Monday here in Greece people will be wearing masks and I applaud the Government for listening to science and putting the lives of millions first.
    I can disinfect my hands and surfaces but I can’t stop an infected person breathing on me in an enclosed space. A mask can.

    There is a scientific study that says if 80% of people wear a mask alongside good hygiene and social distancing this cuts transmission of covid so much that it may possibly help it die out if we continue to do it for an extended period of time.
    For the non believers look at history. San Francisco in 1918 mandated mask wearing in September due to the Spanish Flu (which actually had similar symptoms to Covid19) in November 1918 they lifted the mandatory law as numbers of infections had dramatically dropped.
    They paid for this early lifting of the laws because by December a second wave started and killed thousands.
    Just like now there were Anti- Mask movements.
    When you listen to anti mask people you really have to scratch your head and think is this Darwinism at its finest?
    You feel embarrassed at the lack of education they have on prevention of disease.
    Plus what’s wrong in doing a simple act that protects another human being because if I wear a mask I’m protecting someone next to me as they’re protecting me by wearing one ?
    It’s so easy to do and so simple. Surely we can all just do this until a vaccine comes a long to protect everyone in our society?