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Greece gov’t limits “movement in open public spaces midnight to 6 a.m.”

What is the purpose of limiting movement in open public spaces between midnight and early morning, when Greece is gradually lifting the lockdown? Many Greeks wonder about this new weird measure – one of the many – and no government official has bothered so far to give a logical or even illogical answer.

In the official website, on the new lockdown lifting provisions and in category social distancing/general , it stands also:

“Strict recommendation for limited movement in open public spaces from 12 o’ clock midnight until 6 o’ clock in the morning.”

Who feels like crowding outdoors in the middle of the night, through empty streets and dead pavements?

Does the government think that Greeks who will no longer need a movement permission as of May 4, will flood the streets for night stunts, concerts and protests?

So, we will be able to crowd in promenades and parks during the day but not at night?

Does the virus spread at night but not during daytime?

It must be the same weird logic that makes the use of mask mandatory in public transport means as of May 4 but not until May 3 and optional in school children transport buses as of May 11 and 18.

PS Paraphrasing one of my favorite Thodorakis/Farantouri songs, lyrics by Manos Anagnostakis:

And I was walking in the night – without knowing anyone – and neither nobody knew me  – except the virus

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  1. Antony Mark Winspear

    Curfew from 8pm would world better with teens here!

  2. Clear to me it’s aimed at dissuading bars, cafes and nightclubs and their patrons

  3. High Yield Consultant

    The points raised in this article are extremely important. When a democracy restricts the freedoms of its residents this democracy must fully explain to all exactly and specifically why this is being done. Vagueness can not be tolerated.

  4. Already the Greek youth are sensing freedom and flouting the safety measures. Every evening and into the night recently groups have been gathering in the marina where I live and there is certainly no social distancing going on. They are certainly not exercising anything but their vocal chords! At the start of the lock down this was certainly not happening but it is now a nightly occurrence. They then return home to their family after a few hours to pass on whatever they have caught from their friends. That is why there needs to be an enforced curfew and it should start earlier than midnight. No one likes having their freedoms removed but if someone is too stupid to understand why they are being asked to stay at home then enforcement is the only answer.