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Transportation Minister reveals Greece’s plan for international flights

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Kostas Karamanlis revealed on Thursday that Greece is planning to proceed to bilateral agreements with other countries with regards to international flights.

Speaking to Skai TV on Thursday morning, Karamanlis said “we are called to find the golden section, between free movement and public health.”

Depending on the epidemiological development, the government would consider increasing domestic flights, he said, adding that the possible dates could be on May 18th and 25th.Restrictions on domestic flights are currently valid until May 18.

With regards to international flights, the minister recalled that efforts are under way to find a solution at European level.

However, he stressed, if Europe does not find a solution, Greece is already in contact other countries for bilateral agreements.

He noted that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has set the goal to open the country to tourism on July 1.

For this to happen, flights must have started earlier, Karamanlis stressed.

Worth noting that despite the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions on May 4, citizens are still not allowed to travel outside the prefecture of their residence. This is scheduled to end on May 18, however, restrictions for traveling to islands for non-residence will last a bit longer.

Everything is fluid and much will depend on the course of the pandemic, two weeks after the restrictions lifting started. Health authorities have said that they closely monitor the course of the pandemic in the country and daily check its development in conditions where people can leave their homes without movement permit.

Another date for a new crash test is the May 11th, where schools will open again for students in the third grade of the Lyceum, and the remaining retail stores, excluded shopping malls, will open their doors to customers again.

If everything goes well, all-year hotels are scheduled to open again on June 1 and seasonal tourist accommodations on July 1.

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