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Earthquakes 5.4R and 4.6R rattle the island of Rhodes

An earthquake measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale occurred at 07:06 on Monday morning shaking the island of Rhodes and the rest of Dodecanese as well as the West coast of Turkey.

The tremor occurred 25 km north-northeast of the island of Rhodes with a focal depth of 67.4 km.

It followed a much stronger earthquake of 5.4 R at 8:43 p.m. on Sunday evening. This earthquake occurred 30 km north of Rhodes with a focal depth of 54 km.

No injuries or material damages have been occurred in both earthquakes.

Seismologists are monitoring the phenomenon.

Head of Earthquake Protection and Pplanning, Efthimios Lekkas said that even thought the earthquake epicenter was in the sea it was felt intensively on Rhodes.

“There is a zone that starts North-West of Rhodes and reached the Marmaris Gulf [Turkey]. We had earthquakes there in the past,” Lekkas said.

These tremors are not a cause of concern, as they do not trigger big earthquakes, he added.

Lekkas stressed that these two earthquakes re not connected with Turkey and the recent earthquakes off the islands of Kasos and Crete on May 2.

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