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Greece’s CAA extends flight ban to/from UK, Sweden, Turkey

Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority issued a new air notice (NOTAM) extending the flight ban to/from the United Kingdom, Sweden and Turkey until Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 23:59.

The NOTAM also extends a ban on non-European citizens entering the country. The following 14 countries are excluded from this airline (Notam): Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

The above new aviation instructions (NOTAMs) are aimed at protecting passengers and citizens from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Civil Aviation Authority stressed in its press release.

Flight exceptions

The temporary suspension of flights to the United Kingdom, Turkey and Sweden excludes cargo, sanitary, humanitarian, aircraft return flights only with its ferry flights, state flights, states that are in a state of emergency, military flights (military, these flights do not apply to Turkey), Frontex flights, fire fighting flights, flights that have technical failure without the need to disembark the passengers (technical landings), the support flights of the National Health System of our country and the flights of repatriation of Greek citizens.

Exceptions for third parties

The following exemptions also apply to temporary entry bans in non-European countries: members of European citizens’ families, citizens of Schengen countries, passengers traveling for essential reasons, health care staff, specialized scientific staff, government, third-country nationals who have a long-term visa to a European country and Schengen country, government, diplomatic, military, humanitarian personnel, students, passenger transit flights, aircraft crews and non-European citizens obtain a permit for their trip from a Greek consulate by providing the necessary documents, the CAA notes.

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  1. Can someone explain why a post on Rhodes airport aviation news says that TUI have been granted permission for two flights from Sweden. I thought the UK and Sweden were not allowed into Greece.

    • It seems like TUI can tell the Greek state when to allow what. There is another post of that on the blog…

      The flight to Rhodes is on its way from Stockholm. 4 hours delayed, so I guess a few phone calls was needed.

  2. Barbara Raesis

    Can the authorities please explain families of European citizens? In our Greek family (no matter what country they live in) consists of grandparents, parents, parents’s brothers and sisters, their children, cousins, and coumbaras. Am I wrong? I need this explained by the authorities?