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Police arrests school teacher for “affair” with underage student

Greek police has arrested a 45-year-old school teacher for having an affair with one of his students, a 14-year-old girl. The arrest followed a denouncement by the girl’s mother to police.

According to media, the affair started when the girl was 13 years old.

So far, it is known that the man was meeting the girl for the last one year.

The girl’s mother accidentally saw the two a few days ago. She complained to the Attica Security Directorate’s Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate, that she saw her daughter meeting her teacher outside the school and beyond the school hours.

The girl’s home is near the school in Ilioupolis suburb of eastern Athens.

The teacher has been arrested on charges of seducing a minor and has reportedly confessed.

He allegedly approached the girl about a year ago and after persistent flirting, finally managed to persuade her to have an affair with him. During this time, the two of them would often date without that the girl’s family circle to have understand anything about the illegal affair.

It was just two days ago, when the mother accidentally saw the two.

Police investigates now whether the man, who is a father of two, had also affairs with other students of underage girls.

The teacher of Physics and Mathematics is reportedly married and father of two underage children.

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  1. Wow! No rape charge???? No sexual grooming? No sexual interference? NO RAPE CHARGE????
    Boggles my mind.

    • THATS WHAT IM SAYING TOO! I was best friends with the girl and I had to see that pedo twice a week since he was my physicist. I’m still shook.

  2. This a violation of a underage minor. More surveillance and checks in schools and universities of educators reported behavioural sexual , physical abuse by encouraging victims to report anonymously to protect further abuse.