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Reluctant to enjoy summer holidays this year? (POLL)

A recent survey has shown that the majority of respondents are reluctant to spend on summer holidays and traveling this year. According to a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex (GWI), spending on holidays and traveling is now second to health and safety due to the pandemic.

The survey was conducted in 14 countries. The share of people who postponed or canceled their holiday expenditure came to 40% in Germany, 44% in Britain, 47% in the US, 41% in France and 50% in Italy.

One in two respondents in those markets said they do not intend to go on holiday abroad, with economic restraints being a major concern, followed by health worries..

When it comes to the time that normality resumes, the most common answer to the question about people’s spending priorities includes traveling: Some 20-30% of the population in those key tourism markets prioritize traveling, which is below the rate of those who have postponed or canceled such plans.

With regards to Greece, a sense of “security” ranks top for all countries surveyed -except Germany- among the main factors in selecting a holiday destination.

How about you? How do you spend your summer vacations this year?

How do you spend summer holidays this year?

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  1. Our Holiday to Greece got cancelled and we still haven’t been refunded but my hubby is waiting for a procedure at the hospital for his heart so we will stay home for now , hopefully next year we will travel again

  2. Had 2 holidays to Greece cancelled this year so far, hoping to be able to visit Greece in September. We will have a Covid test before we travel just to be sure.

  3. Bill Koumarelos

    There are people that prefer to go abroad, but can’t due to the draconian measures by most of the world against Americans. We get that. But the problem is, that some vacation spots in the USA are also restricted or limited, too….and there hasn’t been much said about that, either.

    Quite a lot of people have the time off to go places, have the money to travel, AND have followed the proper health protocols, too. It is a bit frustrating that all the efforts of those who wore the masks, did the distancing, and all that, basically was for nothing. At least it feels that way.

    Meanwhile, over in Greece, some families with small businesses are suffering, due to lack of visitors. Many of us who did the right thing health-wise, are not sick, and want to help them, are being penalized. It is SO frustrating.