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Body of 16-year-old girl found outside chapel in Trikala

The body of a 16-year-old girl was found outside a chapel in the woods near the city of Trikala, Central Greece, on Wednesday morning. The body was found near to the chapel of Profitis Ilias by a walker who informed the police.

According to the medical examiner who performed a preliminary autopsy at the crime scene, the teenager suffered injuries to her face and body, which may have been caused by violent beating.

According to the police authorities, the 16-year-old, originally from Albania, lived permanently in the city of Trikala together with her parents, her twin sister and two other younger siblings.

Reports in the Greek media about when the girl left the family home are conflicting. According to some media, the girl left the home on Tuesday afternoon for a walk with friends and did not return by midnight, neither answered her mobile phone. According to some others, the girl sneaked out of the home in the early morning hours of Wednesday, that is a few hours before her body was found.

Other media report that she had gone to police station in Trikala a few days ago, to denounce a violent incident caused by her boy friend.

The body had been transferred to the city morgue for a thorough autopsy.

Police has launched investigation and already begun to collect testimonies form both the family members and the friends of the teenager.

More information on the circumstances and causes of death of the child will emerge from the autopsy, while police have already begun to collect testimonies from both family members and the friendly environment of the minor girl.

Police reportedly investigates all possible scenarios including the one of suicide with the girl to have climbed on the chapel and the jumped.

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