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Unemployment up 19.9% between June 2020 and 2019

Registered unemployment fell 3.16% to 1,126,173 in June 2020, from 1,163,955 in May 2020 and rose from 938,812 in June last year (up 19.96%), Greece’s Manpower Employment Authority OAED said on Monday.

The number of unemployed people seeking jobs in June was 1,068,856, with 536,144 (50.16%) of them being long-time unemployed, that is registered at OAED for more than 12 months.

Of the total, 391,401 (36.62%) were men and 677,455 (63.38%) were women.

The number of people receiving unemployment benefits totaled 171,521 in June.

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  1. Greece needs to develop other economic sectors besides tourism. Here are some ideas for new entreprises:

    1. Greece should benefit from massive reforestation. Planting trees on a massive scale on the numerous mountain ranges will have a cooling effect on climate, prevent soil erosion, improve tourism and create the basis for a healthier forest ecosystem. Reforestation is a must in areas where forests were ravaged by fires. Volunteer organizations can take over the task of planting young tree-lings. Funds can be outsourced from various global organizations that promote reforestation (such as OneTreePlanted, PlantABillionTrees, TrillionTreeCampaign, EdenReforestationProjects, TeamTreesCampaign, EarthDayNetword, etc), crowdfunding, asking farmers to donate tree-lings, asking volunteers to start treelins at home/schools/backyards, etc.

    2. Greece will also benefit from offering organized and large scale elder care for Greek as well as European seniors. Empty apartment buildings can be bought and remodelled to become seniors’ residencies. Assisted living residencies provide care to seniors who require personal care, medication administration, meal preparation, rehabilitation after a stroke etc. Instead of relying on the seasonal income from tourism, Greece can maintain year-round income by taking care of Europe’s seniors. A large advertising campaign needs to be undertaken portraying Greece as the land of ‘sunny, healthy retirement destination’.

    3. New immigrants can help man the new endeavours and help the country develop all sectors of the economy. Immigration needs to be seen as a boon for the county and an advantage as it adds a young, mobile, highly motivated and flexible population in Greece that can add energy, incentive and vitality. Greece has the opportunity to integrate this huge pool of skills successfully into the economy and gainfully employ newcomers’ skills to further advance the Greek economy for the benefit of all.

    4. Agricultural sector is vital to the future of the country. The government needs to support agriculture in all its forms and help new farmers access land, equipment, seeds, know-how and other resources. Access to know how can be done with the creation of websites, youtube channels and online libraries that disseminate information that can help and guide farmers to new crops and new crop methods. A great step has been taken with the Εθνικο Αγροτικο Δικτυο and its youtube channel. More efforts such as this will support farmers in their efforts to develop crops that are successful and meet current demands. There is enormous knowledge on the web on farming and new farming techniques that is easily accessible and free of charge. Agronomists’ offices can disseminate information about new crops, disease control, new cultivation methods, etc to all local farms. New crops geared for the health minded such as flax, fennel and legumes can offer a niche. Fish farming can replace fishing that has collapsed due to depleted fish stocks. The cultivation of sea weed, sea kelp and other novel productions can be added in the list of fish farming. Leftovers of the industries (agriculture, fishing) can be used in the production of organic fertilizers that is a niche (cottonseed, fishmeal, decayed fruits, decayed plant matter etc).

    5. In the construction sector, the manufacturing of tiny homes, container homes and other mobile residential structures can be developed. These enterprises are easy start ups that don’t require much capital. Small homes will fill the need of affordable housing when land is at a premium. Renovations of existing homes is also another area that requires small capital for start ups.

    6. Green Energy and exploitation of the wind and solar potential of Greece is the future in a world that aims to de-carbonize and disinvest from fossil fuels.

    7. Greece needs to deal with the territorial problems by lobbying. Lobby, lobby, lobby and spread the word with advertising campaigns. Take every opportunity to present the issues to sensitive audiences and build a case for the future.

    8. Urban revitalization: revitalization of the large population centres is important for the welfare of the citizens and quality of life. Healthier citizens make happier and stronger communities. The creation of park and recreation areas within large metropolitan areas with space reclamation and revitalization can be a slow and painful process but it is vitally important for sustaining the health of the populations. Creating play areas for children, paths for people to walk and bike, areas for people to get together and socialize, areas where community functions can happen are important to counter the alienating effects of living in big cities. An enormous effort is being undertaken around the world for revitalizing urban centres and adopting urban gardens, even urban agriculture in inner city neighborhoods. This massive trend offers hope to inner city dwellers for a better quality of life.

    9. Embrace digitalization in all aspects of life to reduce waste, streamline operations and facilitate growth. Then, support the web development companies to create a strong national web network. Youtube and social media presence is important for the advertisement of key industries such as agricultural products, tourist sites, etc. The use of drones over natural sites can better showcase them to the world audience.

    Greece could look into cheaper options for its digitalization just like other countries have done such as South Korea: using Linux based operating systems, free and open source software and smaller computers is cheaper and will be easier on the budget from initial set up to long term maintenance.

    10. Seek partnerships with organizations abroad: Greek diaspora, european partners, NGOs, other organizations that can support these goals. Without partnerships and key collaborations, the work is enormous and overwhelming. Seek expertise in all fields and disseminate the information to the citizens. The government tv can play a leading role in information dissemination There so much information on the world wide web today that is accessible and readily available that makes this task easy and quick. ERT can create an educational channel to disseminate new technologies and methods to the younger generation.

    11. Educate entrepreneurs about small business management through free or low cost seminars so small businesses are successful and can better compete.