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US Senator Menendez: “Only Turkey disputes Greek territorial waters”

US Senator Robert Menendez criticized the US State Department for describing as “disputed waters” the sea area south of the island of Kastellorizo where Turkey plans seismic and hydrocarbon survey.

“Let’s be crystal clear—the only country ‘disputing’ these waters is Turkey. These waters belong to Greece, and the State Department must unequivocally and publicly recognize that Turkey alone is responsible for the tension over them,” the senator for the state of New Jersey said in a tweet on Wednesday.

A day earlier, the US State Department urged Turkey to refrain from any drilling plans in “disputed waters” in the Eastern Mediterranean that will raise tensions in the region.

Menendez also participated in an event to mark the 46th Anniversary of Turkey’s 1974 invasion of Cyprus.

“Turkey’s interference still impedes progress for peace. I have always believed that if not for Turkey’s meddling, the two communities could negotiate a durable peace and move towards a more prosperous future,” he said at the event organized by the American Hellenic Institute.

“Unfortunately, Turkey’s illegal occupation remains the source of instability on the island,” he added and referred to the “disgraceful behavior” in Varosha which he said “lays the groundwork for economic exploitation of the area.”

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  1. He is absolutely correct. And the division on the Island ( from one who has resided in both north and south Cyprus, I can tell unequivically you that the aggressors on the Island are definatly the Turks.) They should withoubt doubt try to live in peace. And stay out of Hellenic waters. And just so you know, I’m NOT Greek.