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Turkey ‘s Foreign Ministry lost it: Hagia Sophia is the “sanctuary of Islam”

In a nationalistic rant Turkish so-called “diplomacy” openly threatened Greece with a war similar to the one in 1920-1922. In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, Ankara called Greece “racist”, “hostile towards Islam and Turkey” and the “spoiled children of Europe.” It claimed further that Hagia Sophia was “the sanctuary of Islam.”

“Greece has once again demonstrated her hostility towards Islam and Turkey under the pretext of reacting to the opening of the Hagia Sophia Mosque to worship,” the ministry said accusing Athens of “allowing the burning of our glorious flag in Thessaloniki.”

Greek fanatics burned a Turkish flag in Thessaloniki on Friday to protest HAgia Sophia turned into a mosque.

“These racist mindsets, who have not drawn the required lessons from history, those who disrespect our glorious Flag should remember their fate in the Aegean. Greece should, from now on, wake up from the Byzantine dream that she has been unable to wake up for 567 years and get rid of her frustration emanating from it,” the ministry said.

It added that “no country can teach Turkey about exercising her national sovereignty” and noted that “the Great Hagia Sophia Mosque, which is opened to worship in accordance with the will of the Turkish nation, belongs to Turkey like our other cultural assets in our land and it will be in our possession and protection forever.”

Calling Hagia Sophia the “sanctuary of Islam” Ankara claimed “the opening of the Hagia Sophia Mosque to worship is in accordance with the requirements and spirit of the 1972 UNESCO Convention on the protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage.”

Greece’ Foreign Ministry responded with a brief statement saying:

“The 21 century’s international community is witnessing with astonishment the rants of religious and nationalist fanaticism in present-day Turkey.

They have been condemned and are unworthy of an answer, while they increasingly expose internationally those who utter and incite them.”

In a statement issued on Friday, the Greek Foreign Ministry condemned the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque saying among others that “altering the nature of important cultural monuments indisputably deals a blow to the cultural heritage of humanity.”

“This alteration constitutes a violation of Turkey’s obligations that derive from the UNESCO Convention of 1972, and casts a dark shadow on its image.  The use of monuments of such radiance and powerful symbolism must transcend any expediencies and should function in a way that unites and reconciles the global community,” Greece said.

PS The problem with Turkey is that it can and will never overcome its cultural complex of inferiority towards Greece.

*thumbnail picture features the famous French comic figure “Iznogoud“, the Grand Vizier of the Caliph of Baghdat who wanted to be “Caliph in the place of the Caliph”.

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