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New coronavirus cases in Greece spike to 78, three more deaths

New coronavirus cases in Greece spiked to 78 on Friday, according to health authorities. There is an alarming explosiion of infections in Attica and Thessaloniki. Three more Covid-19 patients died in the last 24 hours, increasing the death toll to 206. The total infections have reached 4,477.

17 of the new cases have been detected among tourists in the country.

The spike forced the Head of Civil Protection and Deputy Minister for Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias to hold an extraordinary briefing on coronavirus on Friday evening where he is expected to announce new measures. (more soon…)

The constant increase of infections since last week have alerted epidemiologists in the country, who demand new restrictions.

In an  extraordinary teleconference earlier today, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis gave the green light to epidemiologists to recommend and impose new restrictions if and when necessary.

Geographical distribution July 31

The new 78 new cases on Friday have been detected:

10  at the entry points in Greece.

7 more travellers voluntarily sought laboratories for Covid-19 test in the country after they developed some symptoms. They were tested positive.

Attica tops again the list with 24 new confirmed cases, followed by Thessaloniki with 18 new cases.

According to a report by on Thursday, majority of cases in Athens are located in the city center and in the western suburbs of Zefyri and Liosia.

The remaining new cases are spread across 12 regional units. These cases are:

3 in Viotia

Each 2  cases in Zakynthos, in Kavala, in Kozani, in Halkidiki and Lefkada

Each one (1) is Kefalonia, Dodecanese, Lesvos, Magnisia, Pella, Florina

A wedding party in Thessaloniki turned into a small virus bomb with at least 12 people including the groom and the bride to have been tested positive.

Another wedding in Serres, northern Greece, resulted in four infections, so far.

General information July 31

According to the Health Ministry statement on Friday, 54.8% of the total of infections affect men.

Of the total coronavirus cases, 1,2670 (28.3%)  are related to travel abroad, 2,218(49.5%) are related to an already known case. The rest are cases not related to travel or another known case or are still under investigation.

Average age of the infected in 49 with age range between 0 and 102.

The rolling average number of infections in the last 7 days is 49 from 26 last Friday, July 24.

Number of patients intubated in ICUs increased to 9 from 7 on Thursday. Among them are two women. Average age of the intubated patients  is 53.

The rate of intubated patients with underlying health issues and age over 70 years decreased to 55.6% from 71.4%  a day earlier.

127 patients have been discharged from the ICUs since the beginning of the outbreak.

Number of coronavirus-related deaths increased to 206.

Among the deceased were 66 women. The average age of the deceased was 76 with range age between 35 and 102.

96% had underlying health issues and/or were over 70 years old.


On Friday, the Health Ministry did not publish a detailed list of the coronavirus data that usually include the number of tests.

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  1. Why are the cases that are being reported on Corfu news sites not being included in the daily figures?
    Today we have 2 native, confirmed cases alongside 2 from incoming arrivals.
    Yesterday a local business man came forward saying he too had tested positive.

    There is growing suspicion that the true figures are being hidden in order to ‘save’ the tourist season amongst the local population.