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Greek PM gives green light to epidemiologists for additional measures

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has given the green light to epidemiologists to propose and impose additional restrictions they consider as necessary to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Mitsotakis held an extraordinary teleconference on Thursday with the participation of the country’s top epidemiologists and ministers involved in health issues and in measures against the epidemic.

Speaking to media, government sources said although the increase in cases has not led to a significant deterioration of epidemiological indicators, the need for vigilance and strict implementation of measures to avoid overcrowding and the use of masks was stressed during the teleconference.

Authorities were given the green light to impose additional restrictions if and when needed.

One of the measures decided was to strengthen controls in public transport mean and entertainment venues, where phenomena of over crowding have been observed.

The Prime Minister will hold teleconferences with the country’s epidemiologists and officials involved in health and measures three times per week all though the month of August.

With epidemiologists ringing the alarm bell in the last days, Greece imposed the mandatory use of mask in almost all enclosed places again on July 29, 2020. Among the exceptions are also the churches.

A number of health experts have proposed that the mask is mandatory to all enclosed spaces, as well as to outdoor spaces if the infections increase in the country.

President of Hospital Doctors, Matina Pagoni, said that “The mask will become mandatory outdoors if infections, number of intubated patients and of those hospitalized increase.”

Pagoni also proposed the mandatory use of masks in schools that are scheduled to start again beginning of September.

Epidemiology professor Athina Linou expressed concern regarding the virus spread especially in the urban centers as well as across the country.

Speaking to Skai TV, she said “if we do not take measures, there would be 1,000 cases per day in a few weeks.” She urged citizens to limit their contacts.

“Thinking that we are invulnerable is a form of ostrichism,” Linou warned.


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