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Archbishop of Crete claims: Face masks in the church “imprison faith”

Archbishop of Crete Irineos defied scientists and state rules and jointed the movement of the anti-masks supporters. In unacceptable statements, he urged the faithful to not wear face masks in the church because they “imprison faith,” -as he claimed.

Irineos spoke to believers during the divine service at Saint Titus church in Heraklio on Tuesday morning.

During the sermon, the Archbishop called on the faithful not to wear masks inside the churches “so as not to imprison their faith,” as he characteristically said, report local media

In any case, a large number of believers who attended the service  wore masks inside the church and observed the necessary protection measures against the coronavirus.

So far, there have been no reports of judicial intervention as the exhortation may put people’s lives at risk. It should be recalled that police and judicial authorities investigate groups on Greek social media urging parents to not send their children to school with a mask.

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  1. Sounds more to me that faith imprisons, or rather, religion imprisons.

    • I can’t see where it should make a difference to the archbishop whether his faithful wear or do not wear masks. Seems to be irrelevant. Let each one accept the responsibility for what she or he wears. The corona virus has so far not differentiated between Orthodox, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, etc.