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Deputy mayor of Thessaloniki gets rid of the “evil eye” live on camera

Deputy mayor of Thessaloniki Haris Aidonopoulos underwent a xematiasma procedure during a teleconference of the Municipal Council on Monday. While his assistant was mumbling the spell against the evil eye thus making the sign of the cross over the face of the troubled man, the conference camera was on, recording and transmitting the rare public and precious moments where a doctor -the deputy mayor is urologist by profession – is healed with the power of a …magic spell.

Speaking to media, Aidonopoulos said that during the tele-meeting he felt unwell due to a long day in the surgery room and a difficult municipal council, and he asked his assistant to “clear him up” in the very old traditional Greek way.

The short procedure that obviously has the power to extinguish in zero time all negative energy sent to the deputy mayor by the “evil eye” is taking place while one of the council member unfolds his views on a crucial problem for the community of Thessaloniki.

Speaking to ANT1 TV, Aidonopoulos said that he “fell that his blood pressure dropped, a great downfall. I am a doctor, I can not exaggerate, on the one hand the self-submission, on the other hand the cold water, I felt better. Several months ago, I had looked for it again. I told Giouli [the secretary] to do something!.”

He said he did “not do anything wrong”, adding that also “our religion accepts the evil eye.”

Also secretary, Giouli Atmatzidou told Mega TV that there is nothing strange in the whole procedure. “I did nothing more than say a wish. What Mr. Aidonopoulos also said about Saint Kyprianos. Xematiasma is just a wish,” she underlined.

She did not reveal whether “xematiasma” was one of the skills required in the secretary job description.

Nevertheless, the video from the xematisma went viral on the Greek internet and some wondered whether the Deputy Mayor in charge of “the provision of physical and mental health services” to the community uses the evil eye spell to solve the uprising problems.

It is unclear whether Mrs Giouli used the traditional method with oil and water.

xematiasma with oil

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