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Kavala: Teacher there, books there, but class-room yet to be constructed

Books are there, the teacher is there, her chair too. Only the class-room is missing. The 5th grade teacher is standing on the platform where a container class room will be installed. Four days are left before the pupils of the 5th elementary school in Chrysoupolis flock to the school again but there is no class room for those in the 5th grade.

According to the teachers’ union ASE in Kavala, northern Greece, the container will need some 15 days for its installation.

“The Municipality informed us that at least 15 days are needed fro the construction and installation of the prefabricated class-room,” the ASE said in a statement.

“The is no excuse that the installation did not proceed, although the relevant actions were launched by the school in time, since June 1st,” the statement added.

The union denounced the delay and blamed all those in charge who did not take advantage of the time that the school was closed for the summer vacations.

The accuses the government in Athens and local authorities for not giving a dman for the children’s education.

“Even the installation of prefabricated class-rooms is not the solution corresponding to the quality of education we want for our children,” the statement said, among others and called on the government to stop spending millions of euros for less important issues.

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