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Turkey calls on Greece to withdraw ships near Oruc Reis, calls MED7 “biased”

Turkey slammed the MED7 Declaration of Ajaccio on Friday, saying the comments were biased and “detached from reality.” In a statement the Foreign Ministry said that Ankara was still open to unconditional talks with Greece. It claimed that “Turkey was a victim of Greece.”

The statement said that Greece needed to “unconditionally sit at the negotiating table with Turkey” in order to achieve dialogue and cooperation in the region. Further, it said that Athens needed to withdraw its military ships from around the Turkish seismic vessel Oruc Reis in order to de-escalate tensions.

The statement also sets other, unbelievable terms. Reiterating that “Turkey is the country with the largest coastline in the Eastern Mediterranean,” The Foreign Ministry calls on “Greece to stop militarizing the islands of the Eastern Aegean, including Kastelorizo,” and to end the growing pressure on the “Turkish minority” – as it calls the “Muslim minority” – in  Western Thrace.

Addressing the countries that support Greece, Ankara’s statement notes “When solidarity is right, it is done with the right[fful?]. There is no solidarity with the unjust. ”

In a joint statement on Thursday, the seven EU Mediterranean states said the bloc will draw up a list of new sanctions on Turkey at the EU Summit at the end of September unless Ankara negotiates to resolve the dispute with Greece and Cyprus.


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One comment

  1. Sanctions will do sweet nothing! Turkey’s economy has already been brought to its knees. Do you see this dictator changing course? If anything, it only further motivates him to deflect from his domestic woes.

    Worst yet, his opposition is taking exception to the economy and they are more nationalistic and saber rattling criminals than Erdogan!

    Without losing a member of NATO and this member losing his military, there will be no resolve. It is horrific and disheartening that the only language a criminal donkey understands is force. The force he seeks to unlawfully impose on others.