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Six schools in Greece closed due to coronavirus cases

Authorities in Greece decided to close six schools due to coronavirus cases among teaching personnel and students. The closure comes on the third day of the new school year.

The schools include a High School in Kaisariani suburb of Athens, a primary school in Alexandria, Imathia, western Macedonia, a primary school and kindergarten in Kallithea on the island of Limnos as well as a primary school in Vouton bei Heraklio, Crete.

In a high school in Pyrgos, western Peloponnese, only the class where a 13-year-old student was tested positive has been closed.

Three schools will remain close duntil Sept 27, another two plus the class in Pyrgos until Sept 18.

The Ministry of Education uploaded on its website on Wednesday, the list of which schools and for how many days will be closed.

Media note that most of the listed schools were closed before the opening on Monday, Sept 14, as cases of coronavirus were detected among the teaching staff.

It is noted, however, that most of the schools listed were closed before the consecration, as cases of coronavirus were detected in the staff.

The list of schools will be updated according to the developments,the Education Ministry said.

The decisions for the suspension of public or private schools operation for health reasons will be taken by the relevant Regional Directors of Education, following recommendations by the Directorate of Public Health and Social Welfare.

Concerned parents in Kaisariani demand the closure also of another school that shares the same facility as the affected one, the 2nd General High School.

Students of the 2nd Lyceum in Patras occupied the school on Wednesday morning protesting the high number of students in the class-rooms and the not adequate ventilation that makes the use of mask “unbearable” as they said.

According to local media, the mother of one of the students was tested positive to Covid-19, the test results of her son are due in the afternoon.Both are in home-isolation.

The protesters reportedly claimed that the teachers knew the mother was positive and yet allowed her to pick up her son from the school. The woman also transported some school mates of her son, they alleged.

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