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Brutal dog abuser of Chania turns himself to police, after arrest deadline expires

A man who brutally abused his dog in Chania beginning of the week and triggered an unprecedented outrage appeared at the local police station on Thursday afternoon certain that the 48-hour deadline to be arrested had passed. He was accompanied by his lawyer.

From what is reportedly known so far from his testimony to police, the defense line he is going to follow is that he had no bad intention when he hang his 2-year-old dog on a tree and castrated him with pincers and without any form of anesthesia.

He wanted to “calm the dog down,” local media report that the man told police.

The man’s wife had previously testified to police, the dog angered her husband because he wanted to play, while her husband wanted to do some work.

No matter what his defense line will be, he will certainly will not have it easy.

He has already be fined with the usual administrative amount of 30,000 euros for animal abuse.

He has been suspended from the local Public Power Company where he works until the investigation concludes. His suspension followed intervention by Energy Minister Costis Hatzidakis.

However, suspension has not taken place yet, as investigation continues, he was still on the run and he had not admitted the cruelty. As the PPC is a public company, even if he is truly suspended -unfortunately- he will be receiving 75% of his salary.

For one more time, members of animal welfare societies and animal lovers gathered at the main square of village Kounoupidiana on Wednesday, demanding the exemplary punishment of the 55-year-old man, a father of 3.

Natassa Bobolaki, president of the Greek Animal Welfare and Environment Federation has said that they will ask from the prosecutor to accelerate the trial date for the man and to refrain from any suspended sentence.

He may not even be arrested prior to the trial because the crime is not a felony but a misdemeanor.

Agriculture Minister Makis Voridis has promised to toughen punishment for animal torture.

The dog survived the bestiality  due to the stern intervention by an animal shelter volunteer, a German national who happened to walk by the yard where the dog was being tortured. He heard him screaming in endless pain and did not waste a moment to threaten the owner and abuser.

The dog was taken to the nearest vet clinic and was immediately operated.

After he recovered from the anesthesia, he wagged his tail to the vet who saved his life, still having trust to humans.

The dog is recovering in a safe environment, and is certainly kept away from the home of his abuser. He will be removed from the home where he suffered and be free for adoption with prosecutor’s order.

PS he had no bad intention… Seriously?!

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  1. As they say: the road to hell is lined with those with “good” intentions. Not even the devil will want this guy.

  2. PLEASE people in Chania look into what is going on in your city/area.
    This happens shortly after 2 dogs were found tortured and hung on a tree.
    People went out on the streets of Chania to demand justice.
    And as we speak the local shelter is facing closure and therefore being forced to put the animals back on the street.
    PLEASE get yourselves informed and make a stand if you care.

    Let this horrendous act of animal abuse be the start of something good.
    Glad this doggie was saved in time and surely a good home will be found. But there are so many more animals living in horrendous circumstances. So please let this be the start of something good.

  3. “He wanted to “calm the dog down,” local media report that the man told police.”

    Maybe this beast of a man should be calmed down via castration….

  4. Castrate him the sane way he did his dog .
    Get him fired from his job.
    Remove his children from that environment as abuse
    Towards animals extends to abuse towards humans .
    He must be imprisoned to set a good example to other would be idiots.

  5. This isn’t a goat but a domesticated pet that is sure to spark international outrage among animal rights groups. He is already facing enormous penalty from hefty fines to losing his job.

    Mean spirited wishing him harm is a byproduct of striving to westernize our political perspective. In reality, this accomplishes the antithesis by make us no better than those we accuse when when we can not substantiate why we a political party is convicted of being “criminal organization”, contrary to their claims, and so much for assisting police or philanthropic soup kitchens after arrest, 18 month detention, and conviction.

    Ahhh, the privilege of civility in the name of justice, freedom, and good will towards our fellow man, or woman, and transgenders. Greece may have created the west but now this west is reinventing Greece.

    • This thug brutally abused a domestic pet.
      He must be punished for it. Cause and effect.
      Abusing behavior whether it is gender based or
      xenophobic based or against animals must not be tolerated .
      The animal kingdom lives in harmony with
      nature. Humans are the only species that
      destroys and cannot live in harmony or
      co exist.

    • You totally took this about abuse to innocent dogs, and made it about unimportant things like humans and politics…oh, and if you don’t think much about goats being inhumanely castrated as the dog may want to try it out yourself before speaking on what you KNOW NOTHING about!! You sound like your no different than the monsters abusing the animals.