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Mt Athos treasures on digital interactive exhibition at Athens Concert Hall

A digital interactive exhibition of rarely seen codexes, documents and objects kept in Mt. Athos, the all-male monastic community of northern Greece, is opening to the public on Friday, October 16, at the Athens Concert Hall.

The exhibition “Passage into the Light”, will include digitized objects that span a thousand years of the historic enclave’s existence from several of its monasteries. Visitors will also have a unique opportunity to learn about daily life of the monks on the Holy Mountain, as the area is also known, in the short time it is shown to the public (to Oct. 24).

The “ Mt. Athos Digital Arc” project was completed over four years with co-funding by the European Union and the NSRF funding. It includes digitized images of manuscripts, outstanding works of arts, 3D models of churches at Mt. Athos, presentations of the monasteries, and apps for educational purposes.

The project used the distance-learning platform Moodle to create educational content.

The Arc project is Mt. Athos’ way of communion with society, representatives said, especially with young people who are more familiar with digital media.

The Orthodox heritage and its rich objects can be perused through the web page mountathos.org

Information on the exhibit and how to acquire free passes for it is available on the web page perasmastofos.gr.

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