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Golden Dawn convict Pappas vanished in thin air to escape arrest

Police is seeking for one of the Golden Dawn leaders, convict Christos Pappas, who has chosen to disappear instead to find himself in prison. It was a few hours after the court ruling on Thursday, when police officers visited Pappa’s home with an arrest warrant in their hands. The law enforcement people reportedly found some of his family members but the former MP convicted to 13 years for “establishing and running a criminal organization” had vanished in thin air.

“It is Pappas’ conscious choice not to appear before the authorities,” his lawyer Periklis Stavrianakis told newspaper ethnos.

“My client has his views. He will  weigh on the fact that he may serve a sentence, which in the appellate court may not be upheld. In this case, who will give him back the years he spent in prison? It is currently his conscious choice not to appear before the authorities. I do not know what will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and what he will decide. That is why what I say is valid for the moment,” the layer stressed.

After the court ruled against “suspended sentences” for 38 out of 50 convicted Golden Dawn members, judicial authorities prepared the arrest warrants for those who did not surrender themselves and handed them over to Greek Police.

Competent sources told ethnos that Pappas’ disappearance mean that he his hiding and is considered as “fugitive.”

Eight hours after the announcement of the court and while most of the leaders of the criminal organization have been handed over to the police, Pappas remains “on the run” also in late evening.

According to newspaper efsyn, police has searched for him in five different place but hasn’t located his traces yet.

Since last week, when the court announced the sentences for the GD leadership and members, the narrative of which the Greek Police was heralding it was proud of was that the GD convicts were under constant surveillance and monitoring, that an “operational plan foir their arrest was ready and that it would be implemented “immediately.”

Also, the Golden Dawn trial prosecutor who recommenced “suspended sentences” had claimed that they were not “suspect to run away.”

Police officers consider as possible that Pappas will appear again as the “last one” as he did in 2013, when the GD members were arrested, efsyn reported.

PS I wonder why Greeks claim on social media that it is high time for Minister for Citizen Protection Michalis Chrysochoidis to resign. Because his is embarrassed? Never. Even if he is a New Democracy minister, deep in his heart he will always be PASOK.

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