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Autumn Sales in Greece kick off with a day later due to pandemic measures

Retail stores will be closed on Sunday, November 1, due to new pandemic measures in Greece and Autumn Sales will kick off a day later,  the General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Development and Investment announced on Thursday.

“Due to the emergency measures taken to address and contain the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus all commercial stores in the country will remain closed  next Sunday, November 1,” a relevant statement said.

The intermediate autumn sale will start on November 2 and last until November 15, 2020, the statement added.

The interim sales were supposed to be held from November 1 to Νοvember 14, with the option that stores would operate also on Sunday, Nov 1. However, following extraordinary meetings with health experts, PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced earlier on Thursday, that a “one-month action plan” against the coronavirus will be announced on Friday, Oct 30.

The president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Stavros Kafounis, said that “all commercial markets in Athens remain safe, because entrepreneurs with a real sense of responsibility strictly adhere to all health protection protocols for the benefit of individuals, workers and consumers.” 

The Union of Consumer Workers of Greece said in a statement that in the current difficult situation, consumers who will choose this period for their purchases with a physical presence in stores, must be very careful and strictly follow the instructions of the National Health Care Organization EODY especially regarding the use of a mask inside the stores as well as the observance of the allowed number of people present in the store at the same time.

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