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Police breaks up illegal party in Athens hotel; present also 3 Olympiacos footballers

Police broke up a party that was being held in the roof garden of a hotel in blatant violation of the lockdown restrictions aiming to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The alleged party organizer was fined with 3,000 euros. Each of the participants was also fined with €300 unnecessary movement and another 300 for not wearing a mask.. Among the party goers were also three footballers of Olympiacos FC that will receive additional punishment by the FC.

Around midnight Sunday, police was called to the hotel on Syggrou Avenue in Neos Kosmos district of Athens, because the music was loud, disturbing the neighbors. Police reportedly asked the reception to turn the music out and left.

While Greeks were forced to be inside their homes, the party goers uploaded on social media live videos stressing what a great time they had. It was reportedly one of “their fans” who saw the videos and informed the police.

Police officers returned to the hotel at 2:30 am Monday to find that 31 young men and women were having a party at the roof garden of the hotel. Among them was also a 24-year-old woman who had reportedly organized the illegal party.

She was charged under article 285 of the penal code regarding the violation of measures for prevention of diseases and for disturbing the peace. She was also detained and will be taken to prosecutor.

Among the party goers were also 3 football players of a top Greek Football Club.

Early Monday afternoon, Olympiacos FC issued a statement giving the names of the party footballers as Portuguese Semedo, Brazilian Bruno and Serbian Randjelovic. Condemning their presence at the party, the FC said that the three will be punished with the “highest possible fine that will be donated to the Greek public hospitals system.”

“Ignoring the current restrictions and the rules of our team is unacceptable,” Olympiacos FC said in the statement.

Odd enough there are no media reports about fines and sanctions to the hotel.

Later, state broadcaster ERT TV reported that the young woman accused as the party organizer told authorities that she works at the hotel and that some of the guests “spontaneously left their rooms and went to the roof garden” and that she did not have time to prohibit the gathering.

She is also to be tried at a later date.

The lockdown has been in force across Greece since November 7 and until November 30, 2020.

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