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Athens Deputy Mayor calls KKE members “cockroaches and rodents” – Fired!

Alexia Evert, deputy mayor of Athens, member of conservative ruling party New Democracy and offspring of a well-known politicians’ family, called the members of Communist KKE “cockroaches and rodents.” Today, the mayor of Athens Costas Bakoyannis asked her resignation.

Evert commented on social media under a picture of KKE members outside the US Embassy to commemorate the Polytechnic School Students’ Uprising on 17. November 1973:

“We have to learn to live with cockroaches and rodents. That’s how it was, that’s how it is and that’s how it will be!”

Evert’s comment with terms commonly used by the Nazis to dehumanize Jews was met with strongest reactions on social media.

Asking her resignation, Bakoyiannis reportedly said in a statement that he respects her, however, the issue “was not personal but political.”

“With the KKE we are separated by an ideological abyss and its mobilization yesterday, at a time when the pandemic is sweeping across the country and the health system is being tested, it was an unacceptable act of political irresponsibility and as such it was treated by the vast majority of society.

In a democracy, however, no matter how much we disagree, we must coexist. Especially when we are all called together to overcome a pandemic. Of course, contradictions, even political conflicts, are not only necessary but also legitimate. But they are carried out, as hard as necessary, on programs, positions and ideas. In this context, there are descriptions that do not fit into the political perception of this municipal authority,” the statement said among others.

Evert, who was responsible for Social Solidarity, has reportedly also asked to resign from her position as elected member of the City Council.

Evert is the daughter of late Miltiadis Evert, ex chairman of New Democracy, several times government minister, MP and mayor of Athens (1987-1989).

Many hailed Bakoyiannis for his decision.

PS no words…

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  1. It should also be remembered, that she is the granddaughter of the infamous collaborator & Athenian police chief who ordered the firing that sparked the Dekemvriana, Angelos Evert.

    One imagines the table talk at family dinners was…predictable.