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Communist KKE holds 17. November rally outside US Embassy

Members of the Greek Communist Party KKE gathered outside the US Embassy on Tuesday morning to mark the Anniversary of the Polytechnic Student’s Uprising against the military dictatorship on 17. November 1973.

The protesters were wearing masks and kept social distancing measures.

The protest took place despite the ban by Greek Police and heavy fines for participants.

General Secretary of KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, attended the rally even though the Prime Minister had urged party leaders to uphold the ban. Earlier Koutsoumbas had laid a wreath at the building of the former EAT-ESA, the military police where thousands of Greeks were tortured during the colonels’ junta.

“the decision to ban gatherings of over 3 people, especially today, is unacceptable, unconstitutional and undemocratic,” Koutsoumbas said.

From the very first moment of the constitutionally controversial blanket ban, the KKE had said that they will hold a rally to honor the Students’ Uprising.

KKE Banner: “We our claim their rights to life, health, work, we honor November, the struggle.”

Greek Police has deployed over 6,000 officers across the center of Athens,helicopters and drones, in order to prevent the traditional large gatherings at the anniversary, amid fears that they could turn into a super-spreader event. Note that Police increased the number of policemen by over 2,000 on Monday.

Police outside the Athens University – KKE outside the US Embassy: Which one is a super-spreader event?

However, the police plan apparently did not work well. Majority of police officers were deployed around the Polytechnic School next to the National Museum and at the University of Athens, while there was no squat at the US Embassy, where normally the traditional marches on November 17 end in the afternoon.

So, while police was waiting for the KKE in the area close to Omonia Square, the comrades changed their plan and held their march and protest outside the Embassy.

Obviously in panic, Police closed the five metro stations in downtown Athens at 11 am, an hour earlier that oringinally scheduled? Too late.

Meanwhile, KKE denounced a “provocation” against it by the state-run news agency that reported about the protest posting a picture from an older rally where the comrades were marching holding each other.

On social media, Greeks cheer the KKE action as “epic.”

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  1. So yet again lives do not matter, if its for greater good and revolution! And screw normal workers, we will undo their sacrifice!

    Public assembly has been suspended since March to some extend. People can not go a bars, schools, shops… It has been suspended by democratic parliament, not by police!

    It shows how communist party is privileged compared to normal people, 7000 euro fine! Is that a joke? Their leaders should be in prison! Bar owners get half million euro fine and suspension. Students get criminal sentence for 20 people.

    • Citizens also have a basic political responsibility, yes? It is this responsibility that serves as the raison d’etre for the polytechnic anniversary. It is in fact written into the constitution, Article 120 section 4. It would be a false equivalence to compare a political march outdoors with precautions so advised by epidemiologists to that of crowding inside a bar for leisure. Even if you ignore the difference in context between these two invoked activities, one is outdoors, one is not. One has the possibility of keeping space, the other does not. This isn’t neurology.

      What exactly is the point of a constitution if it is simply waved away? What rights are so guaranteed? Obviously the answer is, none. It is made a mere simulation of democratic rights, with such temerity as displayed by ELAS and ND in this recent trampling given the name “ban.” They justify their boots and sticks with the conflation of public health with public security. These lawmakers know better, they wrote the definitions! The only acceptable answer is given in the streets.

      • Article 120 section 4? It does not says anything about right to assemble. But:

        > devotion to the Fatherland

        > Observance of the constitution is entrusted to the patriotism of the Greeks

        @markoulis are you Golden Dawn? My crazy cousin had constitution tatooed on their chest. Communist usually say “fuck constitution, viva la revolution”!

        Event with bar I mentioned was in September, one month before full lock down even started.

        • Yes, I am clearly golden dawn, advocating for the polytechnic demonstrations to be held, responsibly…

          No offense, you are deliberately misunderstanding my point. The point is that citizens have a political responsibility not to permit the mistakes of the past to be repeated. Hence why being out on the street in defiance of this extralegal, politically motivated ban, is essential.

          • There is no “responsible” way to do marching outside. And your marching is not essential. You march every year for 50 years, take a break once, protest from balconies! Everyone else did that.

            I dont care about your political extremism. KKE is not some kind of special flower, and has no monopoly over 17th November. If anything look what communism did in other countries…

            If you can organize your protests, I can take my kid to playground and do my own protests there!

          • Your comment about there being no responsible way to do marches outside is not backed up by science. If you have a scientific source to the contrary, please provide it for my education. Only authoritarians who wish to suspend key articles of the constitution care to ban freedom of mobility and assembly under covid pretexts. As for communism, who cares about KKE? I speak for this freedom for all Greeks, not for KKE or any other political entity. You have no idea what my political leanings are and anything you suggest is just speculation on your part. I just happen to be using this article as opportunity to discuss the matter.

            And yes, you should take your child to the playground to protest or do whatever else you like! It is, *outside.* I am not selective in this opinion. I don’t agree that other marches or activities outside were banned. I have been clear. Of course you may continue to deliberately misunderstand me…it is also your right.

    • Your so right Jonathan, they should be fined. As they fined they lone woman that left a rose at the Polytechnio