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Click-away: How to do your Christmas shopping in Greece

Retail stores that are not allowed to open during the Christmas holidays can operate with click-away service, Greece’s Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis announced on Friday. The service is for shops with separate entrance but not for shops in malls or big shopping centers.

The measure is in force from 13. December 2020 until 7. January 2021.

Click-Away: How it works

The customer makes the order per telephone or via the e-shop.

Payment via the e-shop or with POS outside the shop

An appointment to pick up the order is made by the shop.

The customer goes to the shop with an e-receipt or sms by the store where date and time are of the appointment are mentioned.

“Movement” option to pick up the order is <2> to 13033 per sms/written notice.

Only one person will go to the shop to pick up the order.

Outside the shop queues of up to 9 people standing at a 2-meter distance is allowed.

Shops allowing customers inside are to be fined with 2,000-50,000 euros and shut down 15-90 days.

According to state broadcaster ERT, customers found inside these shops will be fined with 300 euros.

Only professionals of the construction industry can visit shops for purchases with invoice.,

The click-away measure has been decided as the courier services cannot cope due to high demand during the lockdown that started on November 7, 2020.

The government is considering state support aid for those retail shops that cannot support the click-away, Georgiadis said.

He added that the state support of 534 euros will be given also to those working at stores with click-away due to revenues losses and because these businesses are thought as shut down.

He stressed that if crowding phenomena will be observed the measure could be cancelled.

Greece announced on Friday limited re-opening of bookstores, hairdressers and churches over the Christmas period as well as shorter night curfew. Details here.

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